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Solful Organics

DIY Bath Bomb kit

DIY Bath Bomb kit

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This bath bomb kit is simple to make and fun for the whole family.

Our nourishing oil blend will moisturize skin and leave you feeling silky smooth.
Safe for everyone, even those with the most sensitive skin.
No toxic scents or colours

Just melt the oil blend and pour into dry ingredients. Mix until fully blended. Pack tightly into mold of your choice.

Colours available💜💗💙

Soda Bicarbonate
Citric Acid
Organic Tapioca Starch
Sea Salt
Epsom Salt
Organic Coconut oil
Organic Sunflower oil
+ organic botanical colour of your choice
💙 Phycocyanin
💜 Purple Corn Flower
💗 Rosehip Powder

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